VIP Jet Terminal

Storbritannien - Bigin Hill
  • Fire and blast protection
  • Fire stopping

Storbritannien - Bigin Hill

Promat UK has supplied a combination of its fire protection systems and specialist technical advice to help provide robust fire safety solutions for the new Rizon Jet VIP aircraft terminal at Biggin Hill, London.

A combination of DURAWALL® fire and blast barriers, SUPALUX® Shaftwall and PROMASEAL® fire stopping materials were used to provide up to 2 hours fire compartmentation and blast protection to the office and VIP lounge areas.

The nature of the project required us to specify an intricate yet very robust fire protection system”, said Sean Appleton, Marketing Manager for Promat UK. “Promat has a full portfolio of passive fire protection products so was able to help provide an integrated solution which was perfect for the client’s needs.

DURAWALL® is a fully certificated fire protection barrier system able to provide up to 4 hours fire and blast protection.

It is built around the DURAWALL® composite panel (steel faced panel, with a non-combustible rock wool core). The system is supported by a series of other fully tested products, offering fire protection to doors and voids, penetrations, structural steel and protected zones.

The new 130,000 sq.m. state-of-the-art hangar and VIP Terminal will provide European and Middle Eastern clientele with a range of private aviation services including aircraft charter, aircraft maintenance and aircraft management services.

Rizon Jet are a Middle East and European-based business aviation group focusing on providing a comprehensive suite of private aviation services, ranging from aircraft charter, aircraft maintenance, aircraft management, FBO / VIP Terminal services to aircraft sales, financing and consulting.

  • SUPALUX® Shaftwall