I mer än 50 år har Promat varit synonymt med hög kvalitet på isoleringslösningar för olika industriella ändamål. Vår position som marknadsledare baseras på vår tekniska kompetens, vårt unika och breda sortiment med isoleringsprodukter och -system (över hela temperaturskalan) och vår fullservice under projektets alla faser.

insulation system for pipesIntegrated into every built environment project at the drawing board or planning stage and properly installed according to the manufacturer’srecommendations, Promat’s building solutions ensure that fundamental principles of fire protection are not compromised and stringent requirements met.

Fire threatens and kills human beings, destroys huge material assets and also leads to expensive production stoppages and high costs for consequential damage. Promat fire protection systems help to save lives and protect property in the event of fire - these systems guarantee the comprehensive structural fire protection of complex buildings such as high-rise blocks, hospitals, public buildings, etc. Our officially tested Promat systems are based on proven modern and innovative system design with established products.

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