Tram Tunnel - Poland

Poland - Krakow
about 20,000 m2
  • Protection of ceilings
  • Ventilation, smoke extraction ducts and cable protection
  • Penetration seals
  • Movement/expansion joints protection

Poland - Krakow

Speed tram tunnel in Krakow, Poland: a case study in on-time completion (see the "more detail" text below).
It is 1,420m long and there are two tram stops in the tunnel. Krakow’s Speed Tram Tunnel is the first tunnel of its type in the country. Promat systems were chosen because of the company’s holistic, comprehensive system approach to the task.

Innovative Promat solutions allowed all systems used in the tunnel – ventilation and smoke extraction, cable and construction protection — to be integrated with each other. The materials used to protect the tunnel include:

PROMATECT®-H (4,250m2) and PROMATECT®-L (5,750m2) for protection of ceilings
PROMATECT®-L500 (9,100m2) for ventilation, smoke extraction ducts and cable protection
PROMASTOP® Coating (62.5kg) for penetration seals
PROMASEAL® Mastic (10,850ml) for movement/expansion joints protection.
Safety Compliant Fire Protection Systems Promat systems installed in the Krakow Speed Tram Tunnel complied with the following fi re requirements:
240 minutes for construction
120 minutes for ducts and cable protection
Construction and installation were notable for their efficiency. The largest encountered problem revolved around the logistics of supply and fitting. The latter was due to very limited space available for delivery in the tunnel which limited maximum stored amount of board to two trucks at any one time. Another challenge arose with the huge size of smoke extraction ducts but this and moisture in the tunnel, caused by persistent groundwater levels during implementation of the project were overcome by planning, professionalism and Promat’s close teamwork cooperation with manufacturer and designer. Board supplies were delivered on-time according to an established schedule and the Krakow Speed Tram Tunnel opened on 11 December 2008.


  • PROMASTOP® Coating
  • PROMASEAL® Mastic