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United Kingdom - London

The millions of people who watched the 2012 Jubilee River Pageant could have been forgiven for missing the fact that products from Promat were right there at the heart of the celebrations. PromatPROMARINE®-640 and PROMARINE®-450 fire protection panels were hidden deep in the Spirit of hartwell - the vessel which carried the main royal party.
Although only built in 2000, the luxurious 210ft cruiser was given a full makeover before its royal duties. This included an interior fit-out which saw the Promat panels installed as linings, partitions and ceilings, providing decorative fire protection for the vessel. “We provided the specification for the fire protection products and naturally the required standards were extremely high,” explains Promat Business Development Manager, Colin Brady. ”The PROMARINE® panels were bonded with High Pressure Laminates and Real Wood Veneers to provide a luxury finish, fit for a Queen.”

PROMARINE®-640 and PROMARINE®-450 are non-combustible autoclaved matrix engineered mineral boards which are reinforced with selected minerals and fibres. PROMARINE®-640 has a nominal dry density of 640kg/m³, while PROMARINE®-450’s nominal dry density is 450 kg/m³.

The boards are formulated without inorganic fibres, providing a combination of mechanical strength and fire protection unmatched by boards using other binder systems. Their rigid and robust construction allows them to be easily worked with normal woodworking tools - a particular advantage when they are being installed in unusual or confined conditions such as the Spirit of Chartwell.

Both are resistant to the effects of moisture and will not physically deteriorate when used in damp or humid conditions. Along with the ability to finish them with high pressure laminates, this made the boards ideal for this project.

Both products are considered to be international market leaders and both have been supplied to almost every major shipyard in the world, and installed on most types of sea-going vessels and offshore platforms.


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